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To be a pioneer and reputable company that is well-known with its quality among international companies.


To be able to produce quality, customer-focused products that match today’s and future fashion trends, managing our company with technology in line with the requirements of the time.


  • We are committed to the ethical individual, the moral institution, the moral product principles.
  • We have done legal, lawful and legitimate trade, and we will continue to do so.
  • We have been reliable and faithful, and we will continue to be so.
  • We will treat our employees,customers and suppliers fairly. With trainings, we will enhance our system which is based on qualification and consultancy. The rule of law will be the main element of our principle.
  • We will be pioneer in innovation.
  • We will implement business models that generate added value.
  • We will develop the personality of Leras employee in the best possible way which will manifest itself as “I am the responsible”, “I have the responsibility”.
  • We will be a strong and exemplary company in technology and information infrastructure.
  • We will make peace with our peers and base our trade on principles. Our social responsibilities will be human-centered.
  • We will reflect economic well-being, development and investment in our country’s social development. Innovatively, we will aim for dynamic development.
  • We will respect the environment and humankind.
  • We will combine the experience we have with the right resources and work for the best.
  • We will encourage and raise awareness of all ideas that make a difference and can create added value.